Who are we?

Who are we?

Medicine Horse Nation Equine Services "Guided Healing Modality for Self Directed Wellness of Restoring the Spirit with the Sunka Wakan sacred horses wisdom inspired good medicine of healing, learning, transforming and growth." Professional equine therapeutic strategies incorporated into personal strength based growth outcome. Also known as: Equine-Facilitated Experiential Learning, Equine-Facilitated Personal Growth, Equine Assisted Coaching, Equine Assisted Personal Development.

Based off Dakota Cultural Values

Based off Dakota Cultural Values

By integrating the Cultural values into the equine based activity, participants open up to expression of their inner spirit values.
  • Respect earned with the horse.
  • Humility to gain understanding of oneself
  • Courage to be vulnerable, overcome fears.
  • Compassionate listening and energy with horses.
  • Generosity gifted by horse medicine of healing and insight
  • Spiritual bond and trust develop between human-horse.
  • Wisdom and awareness learned from horses.

Equine Healing Team

Horse Medicine elemental spirit energy healing with 3 team expert approach of Healer, Equine Specialist and Mental Health Facilitator provide a safe and nurturing transformational experience integrated with various healing modalities.

Linda Brown
Linda Brown
Equine Specialist/Holistic Practitioner
Janice Bad Moccasin
Janice Bad Moccasin
Medicine Horse Healer Practitioner

Our Services

Empowerment group sessions

Leadership & team development

Life coaching

Equine therapeutic services

Transformative spiritual advisement

Restorative justice/practices

Equine activities for youth

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